Dr. Eng. Saeed Asiri

Dr. Asiri's research activities are on the vibration control of mechanical systems. He and his advisor, Prof. A. Baz, have innovated a new class of support struts called periodic struts as an isolator of the mechanical vibrations. He presented the innovative use of unique characteristics of periodic struts in many critical applications where the control of the wave propagation and the force transmission both in the spectral and spatial domains is essential to stopping/confining the propagation of undesirable disturbances. He got in 2010 a patent from KACST titled: Differential Agitator. Dr. Asiri currently teaches vibrations and control courses for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, he published lately many papers on vibration analysis and modal analysis of Functionally Graded Materials using FEM. Dr. Asiri is a professional trainer in Strategic Management, Innovation and Strategic Thinking.